Bathroom Companies in Kensington

List of Kensington based companies offering design, furnishing, fitting, installation and bathroom supplies.

Established in 1978, the West One Bathrooms group is best known as Europe's most illustrious and innovative supplier of bespoke bathrooms, renowned for sourcing the most unique products for this special area from all over the world. With extensive showrooms in the UK, five in London, one in Kent and another in Sussex, the Company together with it's JC Delepine showroom in Cannes, offers a highly professional

Bathrooms International offers clients personal attention, unequalled service and a myriad of experience and knowledge in their field. Bathrooms can be rooms of tranquility and peace or invigorating and restorative and they aim to create this haven for their customers. View the Bathrooms International showcase, take a look at their exclusive projects or read what the press has to say

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