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Paid £6000 for a small bathroom overhaul started to fall apart within a year company wouldn't come out despite having 5 year guarantee felt completely ripped off

Value for moneyCompletely overcharge for poor quality goods and shoddy work
Service & supportDon't come to repair anything after 1 year
QualityCheap products
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After 4 years of having this company install my bathroom I have had to take my front bath panel off because of water seepage. Initially was happy with my bathroom but after a few months the caulking on the edge began to come away from the bath. After a phone call to explain this I never received any further calls back so proceeded to fix the problem myself. This only lasted about a year as I am not a plumber or builder, but I tried again as I found the entire bath was moving up an down as it was filled and emptied of water, so I packed the edge with some of the silver edging that they left behind and this fixed the problem, for a while. Unfortunately the bath panel's had slight flaws, and as we all know when water meets a slight flaws in mdf there is only one winner . So after months of trying to halt the cracking of my bathroom panel I decided to have a guy who was working in my kitchen to have a look. So we decided to remove said panel only to find that the legs holding the bath up were in 3 cases slack and in one bent, he as a workman was appalled by the lack of professionalism in the application of the work, also the wooden frame was not secured to the floor and had to be fixed. With the bathroom now only 5 years old I have had to change the shower hose as it leaked after about a year and redid the caulking around the edges of the floor, these along with many other now quite obvious flaws has made me come to make this comment. And after paying this company well over £5000 I feel that I am entitled to do so.

Was I happy with the initial bathroom YES I was but as I said if jobs like this aren't done to a excellent and flawless level water will always win the battle . Now that I have tradesman who is great and is a perfectionist I am beginning to get my bathroom back to being something I am proud off . So would I recommend this company YES I think I would after all it has a great name but always check on tradesmans work as my current worker said to me I'm the boss if I want it done properly I get it done properly as I am paying the big bucks so don't let tradesman do what they want ,get what you want done properly.

Value for moneyNo
Service & supportNone
LocationSame country
Overall ratingExcellent

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We are delighted with the work and would absolutely recommend Tommy & his Team

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Hi, I’m Tommy Welsh, If you’re here then it’s very likely that you’ve been recommended to us for a new Kitchen or Bathroom. Due to the rapid growth of two new companies that we set up, Tommy Welsh Installations are no longer taking on any new
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After many years working at Tommy Welsh Kitchens, we are no longer taking on any new business. We've had some pretty amazing success and would love to thank all our previous customers for their continued support. We would also love to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated team, past and present for their idea's, commitment and dedication. Without you guys this journey would not be possible. We've achieved well over 1000 projects, have been trading successfully for nearly 10 years and have just short of 350 amazing customer reviews online.