H 2 O London is a bathroom design consultancy by Master of Art degree associate designers teaming up with plumbing and heating engineers covering the whole process of bathroom creation. Bathroom design at H 2 O London is continuously inspired by researching arts keeping ideas fresh and innovative.

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From Our Website

The following is a description of the type of services offered by H2O London, please read on as this will answer most initial questions and tell you whether you have found what you need. Technical Consultancy: this includes a visit to your property to answer all your questions about what can and cannot be done in your kitchen or bathroom in terms of design and installation. This is a service normally required by those clients who want to have a preliminary idea of the possibilities by means of a study conducted on site before they embark in a project especially when structural work can be involved.

As the UK becomes more of a showering nation, shower design becomes ever more challenging. Busy people would normally prefer a shower in the morning as it is quicker than a bath and more cost effective also. Showers are a habit and taken in the evening are just as relaxing as a bath can be, even young children will not mind playing together in a walk in shower as well as they would play in a bath. H2O London specialises in bespoke shower design, supply and installation. In many shower rooms the situation just requires a bespoke shower, like in the images shown here.

It is easy enough to develop any design when space is in abundance, it is when space is at a premium that real designer skills become most relevant. The ability to exploit all areas to the fullest, being able to achieve all functions necessary for the proper working order of a concept without sacrificing critical walking paths is what clients shall look for when choosing their bathroom designer.