Whether youre considering an update, remodel or complete upgrade, we have a dedicated and experienced team of bathroom and wet room designers and installers who will be able to handle your request for bathroom fitting, design and unit installation.

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We also believe that offering servicing at a reasonable price for our customer will encourage regular maintenance thus maximising the potential, longevity and performance of our customers systems. Most systems will require servicing every year; this would ensure that the manufacturers warranty remains valid.

Heat pumps offer very effective performance in your property, provided it is efficiently insulated. We also recommend combining a heat pump with solar thermal heating panels for your hot water supply. The two systems complement each other to provide households and businesses with highly successful heating. Ground source heat pumps extract freely available energy from the earth. This large amount of stored energy originally comes from the sun (solar energy) and also from rainfall. The heat pump converts it into low carbon, highly efficient heating and hot water - all at low cost.

Solar energy is an increasingly popular way of reducing your energy bills - and your carbon footprint. Solar thermal water heating is the most cost-effective form of renewable energy technology for domestic and commercial use. Solar panels convert direct sunlight and solar radiation into heat that can then be used to produce your hot water. The process is environmentally-friendly, producing no waste or pollution. Evacuated tubes - or vacuum tube solar thermal collectors - are the most efficient solar panels on the market.

In most buildings, naturally clean rainwater is left to wash away while expensive purified water is used for all applications with only a fraction being used for potable (drinking) use. In recent years it has become harder to ignore this illogical way of using our natural resources. Water has become a valuable commodity. The principles behind rainwater harvesting are simple. Any system has a method of collection (e.g. a roof), a storage vessel (tank) and a delivery facility (be it a simple on/off tap or pipe work system).

Underfloor heating provide a comfortable, highly efficient type of heating. It can offer significant benefits over traditional central systems and is becoming ever more popular in both domestic and commercial applications. Underfloor heating integrates very well and efficiently with ground or air source heat pumps and other types of renewable technologies. The major benefit of an underfloor heating system to the end user is the comfort level provided by this form of heating. A typical underfloor heating system utilises low temperature hot water, typically 40-55 degrees, unlike traditional heating systems such as radiators that would have a flow temperature of 80 degrees.

As with a domestic central heating systems, renewable energy systems such as solar thermal panels and ground source heat pumps also benefit from keeping the fluids maintained. This can be done with a simple PH dip test. Heat transfer fluids, which combine anti-freeze and protector/inhibitor properties, are especially formulated for high temperature solar applications and can work in both the liquid and gaseous phases. Solar fluids can also provide frost protection to safeguard the installation.

As a family owned business, we began as traditional plumbing and heating engineers, evolving naturally into specialists in renewable forms of heating and energy. We are not a major corporation interested only in profit - our customers are at the heart of what we do and our goal is to save you money while minimising your impact on the environment. Our traditional background makes us well suited for domestic projects while our firm grasp of the latest technology, techniques and legislation enables us to deal with major commercial installations.