We specialise in restoring original Bath tubs and English roll top cast iron baths for clients in England, America and world wide. The Bath tubs we use were made in foundries all over England and France. Therefore very few claw feet bath tubs are the same. They were manufactured between 1880 - 1930s with some bath tubs having great historic value.

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Victorians started making the links between dirt and the spread of diseases, soap was marketed and was getting more and more popular. In connection with this, cast iron baths in Victorian homes became more widespread. Soap manufacturers got on the "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" bandwagon and in the early 20th century they started sponsoring radio dramas for publicity. Hence the term Soap operas. Go vintage with a reclaimed roll top Victorian bath! Freestanding baths can work to create a stunning focal point for your bathroom while also adding a touch of elegance and personality.

As our name suggests, we offer a range of original antique cast iron baths, which date from the 1880s. We rescue, restore and renovate these baths to their former beauty. It calls for old-fashioned craftsmanship, care and attention to detail that is second to none. It makes a real and lasting difference. As you'll appreciate when you luxuriate in one in your own home. Way back, bathing was a far from an every day habit. Free standing roll top baths were in use in finer homes during the nineteenth century, but it was in the late Victorian era that these became more easily available to the middle classes and replaced the old tin bath hauled out every week or month!

We offer a full range of exterior Dulux Satinwood 'Heritage' colours or your own colour choice. We recommend oil based paints. We also offer our customers the option of having their brassware refurbished to compliment their restored cast iron bath.